South Tyrol has a lot of unique locations and settings to offer. But the knack of it all is finding the most suitable ones. Quickly and without a lot of effort and expense. More and more film production choose South Tyrol as the main site for the filming .

We offer the productions the whole organization on the spot : transfer team and collaborators from the hotel to the shooting locations, transportation of equipment and give the right contacts of the place.

Individual Location and Production Support

Upon request and with concrete plans to shoot in South Tyrol, we can gladly organize and provide your team with a location scout for up to three full days. We can help you in finding further special concessions.

We would also be happy to assist you in finding inexpensive production offices or other premises necessary for the shoot.

You can even ask us for help in finding and negotiating conditions for appropriate accommodations.


For information and reservations we are always available to our Hotline 338 879 13 72 .

Scouting-Projekte, die wir für unsere Kunden abwickeln durften

Schloss Runkelstein, die BilderburgCastel Roncolo, il maniero illustrato
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